New Painting: ‘Small Riot’


Small Riot is a watercolour sketch made using Art Spectrum watercolours on Aquabord. Made by the same company (Ampersand) that make Claybord (see previous post), Aquabord is similar in that it’s a wood board but the surface is absorbent, and reflects many of the qualities of traditional cold-pressed watercolour paper. An added benefit is that, like Claybord, I can lift colour off the surface all the way back to white. Some of the highlights in this painting were achieved doing this. Available to buy on Saatchi Art and Bluethumb.

New Painting: Orange Mountain


Orange Mountain. Acrylic on Claybord. 17.8 x 12.8 cm. Source image is a photo taken by a colleague whilst trekking near Annapurna, Nepal. He unzipped his tent one day and this was the view he was greeted with.

This is the first painting i’ve made in a long time using acrylics. Working from my home studio, I was keen to find an alternative to oil paints so I could avoid using solvents. This painting was made using Liquitex Heavy Body acrylics.

This was also my first time painting on Ampersand’s ‘Claybord’ surface. A hardboard covered with Kaolin clay, it presents an ultra-smooth surface to work on. I was extremely impressed with this surface – it holds the paint really well and the ease with which you can simply wipe off mistakes or changes, even months after painting, is fantastic. Will definitely be painting more on this in future.

Painting available for sale or prints from Saatchi Art or Bluethumb.